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2023 Volunteer of the Week- Veron Auld

Meet our 2023 Volunteer of the Week, Veron Auld!

by at NRA Field Representative posted on June 21, 2023
2023 VOY Veron Auld

Veron Auld

Perry Randolph Friends of NRA
Past Committee Chair | 21 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 100 banquet tickets totaling $10,000
  • Sold 5 Individual Sponsorships totaling $1,500
  • Raised $15,000 in pre and post-event raffles
  • Underwriting total of $1,000
  • Donated 20 times

"Veron IS THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION in his Area. Everyone loves and respects him, and he is the Second Amendment Standard bearer in his community. Veron volunteers at the Grand American Trapshooting World Championships and works the NRA booth. He also runs Wall of Guns for the Friends of NRA program, and netted over $10,000 this year with that alone. Veron attends almost every Friends of NRA event in his area and works the events selling various game tickets

Veron is a person of strong and honorable character. Other committees reach out to him constantly for feedback, ideas, and ways that they can improve their own events. Veron goes to these events and even attends their pre-event committee meetings as a mentor in the region.

Veron oversees our State Fund Committee and provides detailed approval recommendations. Veron shares his ideas on fundraising with various committees throughout Southern Illinois. He is personallyinvolved with 5 different committees across the Southern Region of Illinois, helping them plan and staff their Friends of NRA events. Veron has been a Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary for the Friends program during his 20+years of exceptional service.

Veron goes anywhere, anyplace, anytime to help out a fellow committee. He can be counted on at a moments notice. He sacrifices hundreds of hours a year of his personal time just to help make our program better and to raise funds for the future generations."

-  Jason Wolfe, NRA Field Representative


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