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2022 Volunteer of the Week- Joe Geuss

Meet our 2022 Volunteer of the Week, Joe Geuss!

posted on April 6, 2022
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Joe Geuss
Statewide Raffles & Loaded Gun Safe Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 7 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 12 banquet tickets totaling $3,600
  • Raised $35,000 in pre or post-event raffles
  • Made 1 donation

"Joe is the Chair of the Loaded Gun Safe Friends of NRA committee. He works tirelessly to enhance the Loaded Gun Safe Raffle at each event in the region. In 2021, his efforts led to a $25,000 net income on the Loaded Gun Safe Raffle alone.

Joe is always the first person there and the last to leave at events he assists with, regardless of how many hours it took him to get there. He is highly respected by committee members throughout the state, and is instantly trusted to help out with any game, auction, or raffle. His integrity is above reproach and uses his years of Chair experience to help mentor new and struggling committees. At every event Joe attends, he offers the committees ideas on how to help them improve.

Joe has been a committee Chair for 5 years and has been on the state level committee for 2 years. He coordinates various raffles to be utilized throughout the entire state, one of those being the Gatlin Gun Raffle which he started in 2021. For this raffle, Joe personally transported the Gatlin gun to every single event in the state. Some events were hundreds of miles from his house, and this was all at his personal expense. Joe's efforts with the Gatlin Gun Raffle alone increased our state net funds by $10,000.

Joe is the go-to guy at every event. Rarely would you attend a Friends of NRA event in Illinois without Joe being there to help. Not only is he a HUGE supporter, but he is a constant helper that can always be counted on to help out at any event no matter the travel distance. Joe is always coming up with new, innovative ideas to help us raise money in Illinois. He even attends other fundraising activities and brings back ideas to help us improve our Illinois Friends of NRA fundraisers."

-  Jason Wolfe, NRA Field Representative


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