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The Return of the NRA Merchandise Preview Meeting

Gearing up for the new year at the Merchandise Preview Meeting...

by at Friends of NRA posted on January 25, 2023
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This year, attendees will find some new and unique merchandise at Friends of NRA fundraising events across the country. Last month, the Merchandise Preview Meeting was held in Columbia, Missouri, and was sponsored by Blue Ridge Knives. During this meeting, the 2023 Standard Package made its debut to the NRA Field Representatives who were gathered in town for end-of-year meetings and training.

The Merchandise Preview Meeting brings together vendors who supply items used to supplement the Standard Merchandise Package with the Field Representatives who use those items for fundraising. It is an invaluable opportunity for the vendors and Field Staff to interact, ask questions, provide feedback, and prepare for the year to come. Hundreds of items, ranging from custom knives by Blue Ridge Knives, to handmade Friends of NRA gear are displayed for NRA Field Representatives to view.

Year after year, Blue Ridge Knives has been a regular supporter of the Friends of NRA program. Alex Martin of Blue Ridge Knives states, “Blue Ridge Knives is a strong believer in supporting our Second Amendment rights and without the Friends of NRA this would not be possible.”

This year, the Standard Package includes this Bear and Sons Bowie Knife pictured below with “We the People” engraved on the 9” blade. It features the Friends of NRA logo engraved on the American walnut handle, and includes a taper ground blade and a curved brass guard. It is proudly made in the USA exclusively for Friends of NRA events by Blue Ridge Knives.

As the Friends of NRA program heads into 2023 and gains greater momentum fundraising for the future of the shooting sports, we appreciate Blue Ridge Knives and every vendor who plays a role in the work we do. “Thank you to Alex Martin and the whole team at Blue Ridge Knives for sponsoring our annual Merchandise Preview Meeting. Your leadership and active engagement help make Friends of NRA the great program it is today,” stated Tyler Schropp, Executive Director of the NRA Foundation. We all share the vision of ensuring the Second Amendment lives on for future generations.

Support the future of the shooting sports by attending a Friends of NRA event near you and to view more custom-made items!

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