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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This past Memorial Day, Missouri Friends of NRA...


This past Memorial Day, Missouri Friends of NRA sponsored the rivalry St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Kansas City Royals major league baseball game. “It was a sold-out game,” said Missouri NRA Field Representative, Tim Besancenez. “Our Friends of NRA supporters took over two adjoining sections to enjoy the game together. Game tickets were sold in advance so a portion would go towards their committee fundraising goals.”

Tim shared that Adam La Sala, chair of the NEMO (Northeast Missouri) Friends of NRA committee, “originally thought of this idea as an appreciation day for their Friends of NRA committee and attendees.” Last year was the first time they sponsored a St. Louis Cardinals game which was a huge success hosting roughly 500 Friends of NRA supporters. Tim added that sponsoring the game was a great opportunity to spread the word about the Friends of NRA program.

To start off the Memorial Day game, one of the Missouri Friends of NRA supporters, James Logsdon, had the incredible opportunity to throw the first pitch. Later, the announcer shared information about Friends of NRA, and about The NRA Foundation grant program in front of the entire stadium. Although the Kansas City Royals ended up winning the game, everyone had a blast hanging out and representing Friends of NRA. Tim noted, “This is one of two games Missouri Friends of NRA will be sponsoring this year. The next game will be in September, where the St. Louis Cardinals will play the Milwaukee Brewers.” Tim hopes to have another great turnout of Friends of NRA supporters, and to grow awareness of the program even more.

Committees come up with fun and unique ways to spend time together and raise money for The NRA Foundation. If you’d like to get involved with your local Friends of NRA committee to support the future of the shooting sports, go to

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