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2024 Volunteers of the Week- Rich & Trudy Jackson

Meet our 2024 Volunteers of the Week, Rich & Trudy Jackson!

by at NRA Senior Field Representative posted on July 11, 2024
Rich And Trudy Jackson VOY

Rich & Trudy Jackson

Treasure Valley Area Friends of NRA
Committee Chair & Treasurer | 18 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 150 banquet tickets
  • Sold 3 Individual Sponsorships and 16 Corporate/Business Sponsorships
  • Raised $3,000 in pre or post-event raffles
  • Had 3 items underwritten
  • Made 19 donations

"Rich and Trudy Jackson are both dedicated NRA members, with Trudy being an Endowment Life member and Rich a Patron Life member. They exemplify professionalism, organization, and commitment in their professional and personal lives. Rich serves as the chairman and Trudy as the treasurer for the Treasure Valley Friends of NRA committee. Additionally, they volunteer and participate in multiple Friends of NRA events throughout Idaho. Trudy is often the go-to person for treasurers seeking help, even before they contact their Field Rep. Their deep roots in the Idaho community are evident, with Rich having been appointed as an Idaho State Tax Commissioner by Governor Butch Otter (now retired) and Trudy having served as the office manager for the Idaho State Attorney General (now retired).

In January, Trudy and Rich, along with their committee, hosted the 2022-2023 Idaho State Workshop and Grant Fund Meeting in Nampa, Idaho. Trudy takes the official meeting minutes and is the current Idaho State Fund Treasurer. The Jacksons have devoted countless hours and miles to helping other committees succeed. They have attended numerous Idaho Friends of NRA events, not just as attendees but as active participants. Rich enjoys running the “Wall of Guns” and has sold it out over 60 times this year, raising over $43,000 NET. Trudy not only offers assistance at the treasurers' table but often runs it, counting over $400,000 in cash this year. Through all these events, they have traveled on their own dime, never asking for a free meal, covering over 8,000 miles, with more than 4,700 miles in their personal vehicle. They purchase their own dinner tickets for events, adhering to their belief that "Nobody rides for free."

Overall, Trudy and Rich Jackson were instrumental in raising over $928,000 NET for the NRA Foundation in 2023. They are invaluable assets to the Idaho FNRA, with Trudy helping many treasurers across the state improve and succeed, and Rich exemplifying dedication and motivating multiple committees. While they may not have raised more money than any other Friends of NRA volunteers directly, their support and promotion of the program are unparalleled. By attending events throughout Idaho, they have helped energize other committees and contributed to the growth of the Idaho Friends of NRA program, not just locally but across the entire state."

-  Steve Vreeland, NRA Field Representative


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