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2023 Volunteer of the Week- Sandy Steubing

Meet our 2023 Volunteer of the Week, Sandy Steubing!

by at NRA Field Representative posted on August 17, 2023
2023 VOY Sandy Steubing

Sandy Steubing

Medina Area Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 10 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 259 banquet tickets totaling $18,250
  • Made 20-25 donations

"Sandy is well respected by everyone in her community. She is known for the impact she has through the local 4-H Shooting Program where she serves as a coach and mentor teaching kids how to safely and properly shoot. This year Sandy was faced with a lot of adversity from a group determined to have the Medina Area Friends of NRA event cancelled. Despite all the hurdles that she faced with the false news articles, hateful phone calls, threats of protests, and backlash from the city council, she wasn't stopped from holding a successful event. In fact, this event collected a 76% increase in donations. Sandy had an excellent back up plan and venue in place, which speaks volumes of Sandy’s moral character and ability to lead despite adversity.

I believe Sandy is a great example of a Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year not only because she has been a dedicated volunteer, but because of her efforts in carrying out a successful event despite all the backlash. Sandy spoke wonders and represented the program with pride at a very hostile city council meeting. She is an idol for her efforts by not only myself, but for a lot of my South & West Texas committees. She exemplifies everything that a Friends of NRA Volunteer is- someone who truly believes in the program, and takes efforts in securing our Second Amendment and the future of the shooting sports. Much like the minute man, Sandy fought for her fellow Patriots at a minute’s notice to protect the cause."

-  Tyler Ward, NRA Field Representative


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