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2022 Volunteer of the Week- Michael Ogles

Meet our 2022 Volunteer of the Week, Michael Ogles!

by at NRA Senior Field Representative posted on April 14, 2022
2022 VOY Graphic Michael Ogles

Michael Ogles
Katy Area Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 4 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 132 banquet tickets totaling $8,343
  • Underwriting total of $2,375
  • Made 20+ donations

"The reason I selected Mike as the Volunteer of the Year is because he is a first time Chair, who in spite of all the changes to the program, stepped up and took the lead to maintain the event’s High Caliber Committee status. In addition to program changes and being a new Chair, Mike also had the added challenge of having to reschedule the event due to the freeze of 2021, and then the venue burned down the weekend before the rescheduled date. Mike was able to overcome these obstacles and found a venue so the show could go on. Due to the crazy curve balls, the overall headcount was down, but Mike brought spenders ready to support the cause.

The total net of the event was over $30,000 with 112 attendees. Mike was able to stay in budget by securing a ton of amazing donations, especially for the live auction where the total was over $27,000. Mike is so good at bringing in donations, I plan to ask him to be part of a panel discussion about donations at our Volunteer Workshop. 

Mike is creative and always looking to improve, but he understands the parameters we have to work within and is able to make it work. He is positive and upbeat and ready to conquer 2022!"

-  Liz Foley, NRA Senior Field Representative


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