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2022 Volunteer of the Week- Marlee Dance

Meet our 2022 Volunteer of the Week, Marlee Dance!

by at NRA Eastern Regional Director posted on April 6, 2022
2022 VOY Graphic Marlee Dance Updated

Marlee Dance
Tri-City Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 5 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 250 banquet tickets
  • Sold 32 Corporate/Business Sponsorships totaling $50,500
  • Raised $73,000 in pre or post-event raffles

"Marlee has grown up involved with a family-owned sporting goods business. Over the years, she has taken on a management role in the business and has become the face and voice for them. Marlee is very well-known and respected in her local community, and in a larger footprint of the state, as the business attracts loyal customers from all around Virginia. Marlee is also active with other hunting and conservation organizations. She has helped plan and organize a “One Shot Turkey Hunt” in conjunction with the Virginia DWR. To say that her entire family is pro Second Amendment would be an understatement. Marlee believes in the Friends of NRA mission and understands the big picture of investing in the future of the shooting sports.

Marlee has helped with the Three Rivers Friends of NRA event for a number of years. Typically she assists with the firearm and raffle sales. In addition, Marlee has represented her local committee at the State Fund Grant Meetings.

The Tri-City Friends of NRA event has risen to one of the top 5 fundraisers in the state. The growth shown in last two years has been phenomenal, especially since it has been the most challenging times for fundraising. The 2021 event boasted their highest attendance, highest net/gross & overall income! Ms. Marlee Dance deserves the credit and recognition for the success in growing their local event into a premier Friends of NRA gala!"

-  David Wells, NRA Eastern Regional Director


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