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2024 Volunteer of the Week- Ashley Poole

Meet our 2024 Volunteer of the Week, Ashley Poole!

posted on June 13, 2024
Ashley Poole Final

Ashley Poole

Southern Iowa Friends of NRA
Treasurer | 7 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold banquet tickets totaling $1,000
  • Pre or post-event raffle dollars raised $19,000

"Ashley is the Treasurer but in reality she holds all positions on the committee. Specifically, she chaired 5-6 meetings leading up to the banquet, tasking each committee member with projects and then holding them accountable with specific due dates. She coordinated the venue location, negotiated food/venue pricing and worked with other committee members for social media advertisement to reach the widest audience possible. Her efforts paid off as the banquet had 300 personnel in attendance, started on time and was executed with precision.

"Ashley's commitment and leadership to Friends of NRA is unmatched! She has been in leadership roles for the past 18 years and dedicated a good portion of her time helping to recruit and grow Friends of NRA committee leaders through mentorship and servant leadership. In 2022, while faced with her husbands cancer diagnosis and related surgery - one month before her wedding and two months before the 2022 banquet - she maintained her role as treasurer and continued to ensure the success of the banquet with the support of the committee. And, she currently holds the treasurer position for 2023 and beyond."

-  Scott Jackson, Former NRA Field Representative


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