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2023 Volunteer of the Week- Pete Neiman

Meet our 2023 Volunteer of the Week, Pete Neiman!

by at NRA Field Representative posted on July 20, 2023
2023 VOY Pete Neiman

Pete Neiman

Falls of the Ohio Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 6 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 1,000 banquet tickets totaling $100,000
  • Sold 38 Individual Sponsorships and 9 Corporate/Business Sponsorships totaling $55,030
  • Raised $63,000 in pre or post-event raffles

"Pete leads the largest team of volunteers in the state of Indiana. He continually conducts committee meetings that are well-planned and organized. Pete keeps the committee organized by staying on top of the necessary paperwork and guidelines required. He submits all of the paperwork in a timely manor to keep up with the timelines. He also organizes the tracking of over 400 firearms with placement and winner designation, which includes coordination with the FFL and the winners. 

Pete has attended several other Friends of NRA banquets and has helped at each of them. He always makes himself available for other committees who are seeking help or advice. In addition, Pete is a well-respected member of the State Fund Committee as he offers insight on grants in his area as well as seeks responsible grant distribution. He works diligently with local clubs to answer any questions they have about the grant process.

Pete continues to be one of the top volunteers in the state, running one of the largest events in the country. Last year he led his team to raising over $260,000 net and a 51.8% net/gross. Pete continues to push for growth through innovation and motivation. Some would sit back and ride the wave if they rose to the level that Pete and his committee have, but they haven’t. This was their highest year of fundraising, and they still continue to look for new ways to increase their efforts."

-  Josh Toennessen, NRA Field Representative


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