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2023 Volunteer of the Week- Garett Brackett

Meet our 2023 Volunteer of the Week, Garett Brackett!

by at NRA Field Representative posted on March 29, 2023
2023 VOY Garett Brackett

Garett Brackett

Kennesaw Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 3+ Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 75 banquet tickets totaling $6,000
  • Sold 3 Corporate Sponsorships totaling $13,000

"Garett has been the both the local chairman of Kennesaw Friends of NRA and the State Fund Committee chairman for 3 plus years. For Kennesaw Friends of NRA, he works closely with the venue to produce a banquet that is consistently a High Caliber event. He also typically helps with a second event for this committee to further the fundraising capabilities for Georgia. Garett utilizes his work expertise, business knowledge, and customer service experience to make sure the best business practices are followed, while not losing the volunteer heart. He listens well and responds to all requests in a timely matter, and follows up to make sure they are fulfilled.

In addition to his involvement with Kennesaw Friends of NRA, Garett also attends other events to help with their endeavors. He helps with setting up, running the event and breaking down at the end. He also has served as a mentor/support liaison to help with the transition from the old Field Representative to me run as smoothly as possible. This included helping my first State Fund Committee meeting run smoothly, with a very successful outcome."

-  Greg Brown, NRA Field Representative


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