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2022 Volunteers of the Week- Jim & Cheri Bruce

Meet our 2022 Volunteers of the Week, Jim & Cheri Bruce!

by at NRA Senior Field Representative posted on April 15, 2022
2022 VOY Graphic Jim And Cheri Bruce

Jim & Cheri Bruce
Smokies Friends of NRA
Committee Chair & Secretary | 8+ Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 177 banquet tickets totaling $7,080
  • Sold 1 Individual Sponsorship and 1 Corporate/Business Sponsorship totaling $1,300
  • Raised $3,080 in pre or post-event raffles
  • Underwriting total of $2,181
  • Donated 50+ times

"Jim actively promotes the Smokies Friends of NRA banquet. He spends several weekends setting up a booth at Smoky Mountain Knife Works to help promote the banquet as well as sell donation contest tickets. He was also responsible for securing a huge donation for the Tennessee Statewide Donor Program. He managed to get us 20 SDS 1911 .45 ACP's.

Jim and Cheri are exactly what we need in Friends of NRA Volunteers. Their hard-work and dedication to their community, family, and the Friends of NRA program as a whole is second to none. I believe there is no one that does more for the Friends of NRA program as a whole than Jim and Cheri Bruce. Currently, Jim and Cheri are on the East Tennessee committee in addition to their own Smokies Committee. They also attend and support several other committees at their local banquets and help out with wherever is needed. Jim and Cheri continue to support Tennessee Friends of NRA in ways that are crucial to the overall success of Tennessee. For several years, they have provided printing and mailing services to all Tennessee Friends of NRA committees at no cost, saving us tens of thousands of dollars each and every year.

Jim and Cheri also support the State Fund Workshop Meeting by supplying all of the banners and awards, again, at no cost to Tennessee Friends of NRA. Not only do they assist all Tennessee Friends of NRA committees, but they help all of the Field Representatives in the Southern Region, and the program as a whole. Even when I was working as the Field Representative in Florida, I knew I could call Jim for anything I needed, and he would be the first one to jump in and lend a hand. 

Jim and Cheri Bruce exemplify what being a Friends of NRA volunteer is all about. Not only are they concerned with what their own committee is doing, but these two would never hesitate to help any Friends of NRA committee, Field Representative, or volunteer if it was to benefit the program. This is why I have chosen them to be the 2021 Tennessee Volunteers of the Year."

-  Tom Knight, NRA Field Representative


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