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2022 Volunteers of the Week- Barry & Lise Brown

Meet our 2022 Volunteers of the Week, Barry & Lise Brown!

by at NRA Eastern Regional Director posted on April 4, 2022
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Barry & Lise Brown
Rising Sun Friends of NRA
Secretary & Merchandise Recipient | 12+ Years of Service

- Selected as 2021 Regional Volunteers of the Year -

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 10 banquet tickets totaling $650
  • Sold 1 Individual Sponsorship and 2 Corporate/Business Sponsorships totaling $3,300
  • Underwriting total of $300
  • Donated various times

"A husband and wife team, Barry and Lise Brown have been active committee members for Rising Sun Friends of NRA for over twelve years. They are well-known and well-respected in their community, and are also involved with 4-H and the local youth air rifle team.

Barry and Lise volunteer their time and and make donations to help several other Friends of NRA committees in Maryland as well. They come to the Old Line and Baltimore County events each year, and even have volunteered for the Southern Maryland event. In addition, Barry and Lise have been active participants at the Maryland State Fund grant meetings.

Barry and Lise are more than deserving of being recognized as Volunteers of the Year. They are vital officers and volunteers for their local Rising Sun Friends of NRA committee. They are loved by all of the other committees in Eastern Maryland. Not only do they show up at other events, but they help with setting up, running silent auctions, leading games, and with volunteering in the live auction. Barry and Lise are always the last ones at events to help clean up and make sure everything is done before they leave."

-  David Wells, NRA Eastern Regional Director


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