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2022 Volunteer of the Week- Ken Hauxwell

Meet our 2022 Volunteer of the Week, Ken Hauxwell!

posted on May 3, 2022
2022 VOY Graphic Ken Hauxwell

Ken Hauxwell
Wallowa County Friends of NRA
Committee Chair | 3 Years of Service

Individual Activities:
  • Sold 250 banquet tickets totaling $15,000
  • Sold 7 Individual Sponsorships totaling $3,600
  • Underwriting total of $2,500
  • Made 10 donations

"Ken has been chairman of Wallowa County Friends of NRA for a couple of years now and has done an outstanding job. Ken is quite involved in his community, which makes him an excellent leader for this event. Ken understands what our program is trying to accomplish, and does more than his fair share to make it happen. I will always remember my first meeting over in Wallowa County, and I felt like I was meeting with a literal rockstar! Almost every person that walked by us in the restaurant knew Ken and wanted to shake his hand and talk with him. From that moment, I knew Ken was going to be an excellent chairman because of the connection he has to his community.

Ken really goes above and beyond to help our program. The time that he devoted to plan the 2021 event alone makes him stand out among all of the great volunteers here in Oregon. Additionally, Ken works with the Eagle Cap Shooting Club, and promotes Friends of NRA throughout the year!"

-  Ian Quimby, Former NRA Field Representative


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