Industry Sponsors

There are approximately 1,100 community-based Friends of NRA events planned each year. To adequately support our fundraising activities, select companies have joined Friends of NRA by making products available for two merchandise packages, The Standard Merchandise Package and Vendor Direct.

Forming the backbone of each hosted event, The Standard Merchandise Package contains nearly 30 items ranging from firearms, home décor, gear, cutlery, and prints that are shipped to each Friends of NRA committee around the country.

Vendor Direct is an optional, supplementary purchasing program through NRA Headquarters where committees may elect to purchase additional merchandise from a select group of vendors. Friends of NRA also features a Firearms Preferred Vendor Direct program, which gives committees the opportunity to work with an NRA Field Representative to preview and order a variety of additional firearms based on individual event needs. Select firearm and gear manufacturers are invited to participate in this program. The goal is to give committees the chance to purchase different types of firearms, outdoor gear, home décor, and other Friends of NRA exclusive items in support of The NRA Foundation from trusted industry leaders.

If you would like to provide exclusive merchandise for use at these Friends of NRA events, please contact the Field Operations NRA Merchandise Department at [email protected] or call 703-267-1418 for additional assistance. The following companies are current supporters: