The 2017 Region Volunteers of the Year

Each year outstanding Friends of NRA volunteers are recognized for their efforts by being selected by their area field representatives as the area volunteers of the year. From the area volunteers, one from each region is selected as the Region Volunteer of the Year. These select few are given the opportunity to attend the  NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits to be honored at the National NRA Foundation Banquet. Combined, this year’s volunteers have over 60 years of experience and raised nearly $250,000 for The NRA Foundation in 2017 alone. Learn more about the dedicated 2017 Region Volunteers of the Year below!


Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year
Scott Brown - Byesville, Ohio
Scott is dedicated to the Friends of NRA mission both on a local and national level. He volunteered at the National NRA Foundation at the Great American Outdoor Show, the National NRA Foundation Banquet for the past seven annual meetings, NRA Carry Guard in Milwaukee and helps organize and manage the statewide calendar raffle netting Ohio committees more than 500-thousand dollars since 2013. As Chairman for the Guernsey County Friends of NRA Committee in southern Ohio for the past eight years, Scott has logged around 650 hours and raised over 80-thousand dollars. On top of that – he also volunteers for half a dozen other local banquets in northern and southern Ohio.


Central Region Volunteer of the Year
John Boner - Neneveh, IN
John really went above and beyond this year when his Indiana field representative was homebound due to a terrible accident. John Boner stepped up both professionally and personally. He attended every event in Indiana except two. He sold close to 100 banquet tickets for each event he attended, secured underwriting and donations and cemented both individual and corporate sponsorships resulting in over 50-thousand dollars for Indiana. John has been Vice Chair for the past three years and part of the Johnson County Friends of NRA Committee for the past six years. Thank you John!

South Central Region Volunteer of the Year
David Bean - Newcastle, OK
David has been the Chairman for the Newcastle Friends of NRA Committee for 12 years and works with his community getting the local youth involved with Friends events. Oklahoma has had a challenging few years of fundraising and 2017 was not looking good. But David refused to give in, instead he challenged his committee to do better by setting strategic goals. Not only did the Newcastle Friends of NRA meet them – they exceeded them. They had a 27-percent net to gross increase and a 56-percent net dollar increase from 2016 to 2017. Outstanding job David!


Southern Region Volunteer of the Year
Mike Weeks - Lake Butler, Florida
 Mike has been the Starke Area Friends of NRA Committee Chair for the past 11 years. Mike has been diligent in rallying his committee to reach the High Caliber Club status and empowers new committees in northern Florida to do the same. His biggest contribution was working with the Chamber of Commerce and The Tourist Board which resulted in some big donations such as weekend trips, fishing gear and range passes. We should mention – this has been a collaborative effort with his lovely wife, Lillian. Thank you both!


Southwest Region Volunteer of the Year
Jim Twombly - Arizona
Jim’s been a volunteer at the East Valley Friends of NRA committee for 18-years and has been chairman for the past five years. Jim is a PR machine – he promotes Friends of NRA in every aspect of his life – family, work, local shooting clubs and ranges – even church! His entire family volunteers at their event and his family holds fundraising dinners in other states and collectively has helped raise close to $30-thousand dollars. Jim was also instrumental in bringing School Shield into his children’s school. If you know Jim – then you’ve definitely attended an East Valley Friends of NRA event!


Western Region Volunteer of the Year
Katie Jones - Roseburg, Oregon
Katharine “Katie” Jones is a go-getter. Katie has been the chair for the Douglas County Friends of NRA for nine years now. She and her husband own a successful business and are well known in the community. Her passion for the Friends of NRA program is contagious and her drive is second to none. She singlehandedly launched the Oregon state Youth Education Summit and also brought the National School Shield Training program to Oregon. Douglas County Friends of NRA has been the top event in Oregon raising just over 96-thousand alone in 2017 – almost half of that through the efforts of Katie. And she shares her magic touch with other Oregon committee by presenting at the Oregon and Western Workshops. Katie – we love your drive!

2017 Committee of the Year
Falls of the Ohio, Indiana

The Committee of the Year goes to the Committee that had the most outstanding achievement and holds the honor of highest net income out of all 1,100 Friends of NRA committees.The Falls of the Ohio Friends of NRA committee is a huge committee of 50-60 members. This is one well-oiled ship with every member having a specific job. They love a challenge and always strive to improve setting annual goals. Since its inception in 1999 the Fall of the Ohio Friends of NRA committee has raised over 1.6 million dollars for The NRA Foundation. Their 2017 banquet raised 240-thousand dollars – beating last year’s record of 214-thousand dollars. This keeps the Fall of the Ohio Committee at the top as the top grossing Friends of NRA committee for 2017. Congratulations Joe and the Falls of the Ohio committee on your outstanding effort and dedication to Friends of NRA. This award honors you and your team as the 2017 Friends of NRA committee of the Year.