Fostech Eagle Lite Rifle with Friends of NRA Logoo

FosTech's NRA custom Eagle Lite Rifle is setting a new standard in strength and overall weight of the AR-15 platform. The FosTech Eagle Lite Rifle uses FosTech's Fighter LITE technology which incorporates a new alloy weighing approximately 30% less than the aluminum components of the past. The savings in weight comes at no cost to the operator, the LITE technology gives you the weight reduction without strength degradation. The custom NRA Eagle Lite Rifle weighs just over 5 lbs, has an NRA serial number, and is engraved with the Friends of NRA Logo on the right side of the mag well. As with all FosTech Products, the NRA custom Eagle Lite Rifle is 100% made in the USA, and features a special edition Tungsten Cerakote finish on the upper, lower, and MACH-1 rail. The FosTech custom NRA Eagle Lite Rifle is the complete package for your AR-15 platform delivering a durable, strong, accurate, and LITE rifle. Limited to 1,050 units.
*Not legal in all 50 states