Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness 6.5-300 Wby with NRA Seal

When you’re covering distances deep in the heart of the big game country, the last thing you need is heavy gear bogging you down. It's during those hunts that you'll be glad you’re carrying the Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness, weighing just 6.75 lbs. This rifle chambered in 6.5-.300WBY Magnum is a great fit for the outdoor enthusiast who wants a fast, flatshooting long-range gun. The barrel is 24" of rifled precision that goes SUB-MOA without batting an eye. So despite the light frame, you'll have confidence that the Vanguard Wilderness is capable of heavyweight impact when it's time to drop your trophy. The Wilderness contains gray spiderweb accents and NRA seal on the stock. The Weatherby Wilderness in 6.5- .300WBY Magnum is the world's fastest production 6.5 there is, and was created exclusively for 2020 Friends of NRA events. Limited to 1,145 units.