Henry Single Shot Brass .45-70 Rifle with NRA Seal

This gun is born to hunt hard. The centerfire single-shot rifle with NRA serialization has an extensive history among hunters looking for a dependable and accurate game-getter. Henry’s brand new line of break-action one-shooters comes with a highly polished finish on a hardened brass frame and features a 22" round barrel, a fully adjustable folding leaf rear sight and brass bead front sight, a drilled and tapped provision for optional scope use, American walnut front and rear furniture, a straight English wrist and brass buttplate with an engraved NRA seal on the buttstock plus a non-ejecting case extractor. This rifle is chambered in the time-honored .45-70 making it a very handy, yet powerful rifle. Exclusive to 2019 Friends of NRA events and limited to 1,145 units.