John Wayne Winchester Model 1892 Framed Casing Set
Framed Décor

Embodying the patriotic and pioneering spirit of America, Western films glorified the raw frontier and the challenge of maintaining law and order it presented. The genre captured the eyes and ears of Americans during the early- to mid-20th century, surging in popularity during the 1930s with blockbusters such as Stagecoach directed by John Ford. It was this movie that introduced two now-synonymous stars: Marion Morrison and the Winchester Model 1892 Large Loop Carbine rifle—better known as John Wayne and his fearless right arm. The large loop lever and shortened barrel of this model allowed America's legendary western icon to engage the lever with one hand by twirling it like a pistol, enhancing his larger than life onscreen persona.

The Winchester Model 1892 is one of the most famous lever-action rifles ever produced. Designed by John Browning as a lightweight alternative to the Model 1886, the '92 was chambered for the popular pistol calibers of the day. The large loop version featured an oversized lever loop with radiused edges, making fast cycling much more fluid, creating room for gloves and allowing one-handed operation. Due to its manageable recoil and smooth action, the ‘92 became a premier rifle for ranchers of the American West protecting their livestock. The silver screen and association with The Duke helped continue and solidify its place in American firearms history.

John Wayne performed in more than 200 films, including 70 during the 1930s in which he embodied a durable, no-nonsense man of action. Rio Lobo (1970) directed by Howard Hawks is one of those films. The Duke plays Col. Cord McNally, an ex-Union officer who teams up with a couple of ex-Confederate soldiers to hunt down a traitor who sold information to the south during the Civil War. With the Winchester Model 1892 at his side, Wayne leads his crew to Rio Lobo where they join together with the cavalry to recover the little Texas town from a band of ruthless outlaws run by the traitor they were hunting down. To commemorate this icon of the American West and Western genre, this set includes a bullet and casing fired through the large loop Winchester Model 1892 used by John Wayne in Rio Lobo, The Shootist (1976), Chisum (1970) and other films.

Now the firearm is in the collection of the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va. On August 22-23, 2017, the Model 92 was fired by NRA Headquarters staff to create this custom collector's set. The set contains a .44-40 caliber bullet and casing accompanied by a classic image portrayal of John Wayne holding the Model 92 large loop rifle along with a historical note. The display features a 17"W x 22"H x 1.375"D gray woodgrain frame with triple matting in natural white with umber gray accents. Printed and framed by Made in USA Framing LLC exclusively for Friends of NRA and limited to 1,130 units. Made in the USA.