John Wayne Lil' Duke BB Rifle NRA Edition

Throughout his iconic film career, John Wayne trailblazed across the silver screen, captured hearts worldwide and portrayed courage in the face of all odds, as only he could. To honor the Duke’s legacy, Air Venturi presents the Officially Licensed John Wayne Lil’ Duke .177 Caliber Lever Action BB Rifle with a hardwood stock with The Duke’s likeness etched into the butt piece and “‘lil’ duke” engraved on the foregrip. Designed for beginners and younger airgunners, this large loop lever action repeater is a great way for pint-sized shooters to get involved in shooting sports and start plinking away with a very user-friendly gun. This special NRA edition features the NRA seal and logo embellished in gold color on the receiver. Created exclusively for Friends of NRA by Air Venturi and limited to 1,130 units.