Roy Rogers Commemorative Set
Framed Decor

Few Western heroes are as iconic as Roy Rogers. Known for his smile and smooth singing voice, the "King of the Cowboys," was one of the original "good guys with a gun" with whom viewers immediately aligned. After beginning his successful acting career in Western films in the ‘30s, Roy rode into the hearts and living rooms of Americans throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s as the star of "The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show." Roy was joined by his wife and co-star, Dale Evans, his trusty golden palomino Trigger, and his dog Bullet. His principled actions and crystal clear views of right and wrong guaranteed the show's popularity, leading to the production of 100 total episodes.

Roy was a proud gun owner and NRA Life Member. In the 1980s he worked alongside the NRA to promote our values and principles, electing to be featured in the "I'm the NRA" advertisement campaign. Roy was always careful about putting his name behind something, and his support for the NRA was no different. "I don't believe in doing a commercial or letting someone use my name unless I really believe in it from the heart," he said. "Well, I can truly say I'm proud to be associated with the NRA."

When making public appearances, Roy was known to hand out small coins to his fans, as a memento and a show of his appreciation for their support. At the time of his passing, attendees of his funeral service were given a coin featuring his likeness, a replica of which is featured in this piece. Having played in many a Western film, Roy was also known for his accuracy with a six-shooter—but this wasn't an act. Roy was quite an accomplished marksman, most notably for his impressive trap shooting skills. To commemorate Roy's affinity for firearms and their place in American society, this piece includes a casing and bullet that was fired through a Colt .45 six-shooter owned by Roy himself.

A 1.5" frame in distressed gray finish encompasses the 21.5"W x 15.25"H piece triple matted in white with cinder gray accents. A photo of Roy with wife Dale Evans and trusty steed Trigger accompany the bullet and casing along with a brief historical note and two replica coins showing the front and back commemorative designs. Printed and framed by Made in USA Framing exclusively for Friends of NRA. Limited to 1,130 sequentially numbered pieces. Made in the USA.