Rifleman's Prayer Framed Art
Framed Decor

At the core of A Rifleman's Prayer is the recognition that the soldier's rifle is the source from which he draws his strength. If the soldier does not have keen vision, if the soldier's hand is not steady, if the soldier fails to be appropriately attentive to his surroundings, he and his rifle will be rendered ineffective.

Regardless of advances in technological innovation, we have yet to create anything as effective as a skilled marksman and his rifle within a thousand yards of the enemy. The NRA's commitment to excellence in marksmanship, strict adherence to firearm safety and proper care and maintenance mirrors the sentiments expressed in the Rifleman's Prayer.

With its simple elegance and powerful message, this classically styled print is sure to gain a respected spot in your home, sharing the importance of dedication to God and Country and care for life, limb and liberty with all those who see it.

Printed and framed by Made in USA Framing, LLC, the 12.25"W x 15.25"H display features a 1.25" black oak frame with gray matting, black accents and a pop of red highlighting a gold-finished crossed rifle pin at the bottom. Limited to 1,130 units and created by Made in USA Framing exclusively for Friends of NRA. Made in the USA.