Featured Volunteer of the Week for February 1 - 6  

Ralph Bartoli
Quinnipiac CT Friends of NRA
15 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • - Sold nearly 300 banquet tickets to bring in over $14,000
  • - Sold 2 sponsorships to bring in $3,750
  • - Acquired over 20 donations amounting to over $4,000 
  • - Brought in underwriting for 7 items, amounting to over $2,000

 "Ralph inspires and motivates the committee members to achieve their potential. He has a vision and sets goals. He knows the strengths and values of each committee member. Committee members stop and listen to him and know what they need from him. Ralph knows the overall purpose and goals of the Friends of the NRA. He always asks himself, “What can I do to improve myself, the committee, and our annual dinner?”

Ralph is a member of the Elm City Gun Club in East Haven. There he works with training their Junior Club. He is a trained Range Safety Officer and an Instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and muzzle-loading rifle, pistol, and shotgun. 

Ralph has made a strong commitment to making his committee the best that they can be. His leadership ability motivates all those around him to strive to be the best they can be."

-Jim Reardon, NRA Field Representative


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