Featured Volunteer of the Week for February 15 - 21  

Janeen Moffa
Indiana County Friends of NRA
5 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • - Sold 200 banquet tickets, bringing in $9,000
  • - Sold 4 sponsorships to bring in $30,000
  • - Acquired over 30 donations amounting to $4,000 
  • - Brought in underwriting for 5 items, amounting to $600

"Janeen took over the committee and turned it around, into one of my fastest growing committees. She leads with integrity and with a vision. She sets goals, not only for herself but also for the entire committee. When she took over her committee, they began making way more money because they were doing the right things. Janeen has been extremely helpful leading her team and selling sponsorships, banquet tickets, and gun tickets.

Volunteer of the Year isn't just about numbers. The last 5 years Janeen has been a breath of fresh air in Pennsylvania. It can be difficult to find new young leaders - she stepped up at a meeting and said 'I can do that!' She has done what she said she would do and more! I couldn't ask for a better chairman."

-Tom Baldridge, NRA Field Representative


The 2015 Volunteers of the Year are sponsored by Ripcord Travel Protection