Oregon State Friends of NRA Scholarships

The Oregon State Friends of NRA is proud to renew its Scholarship Program for 2022.  Fifteen (15) Scholarships will be awarded this year in the following manner: top 3 (1st -3rd) at $ 4,000 each; fourth (4th) - ninth (9th) $ 2,000 each; tenth (10th) – fifteenth (15th) $ 1,000 each. Oregon Friends of NRA Scholarships can be used toward college or technical/vocational school expenses.

Friends of NRA Scholarships Applications are scored by a team of judges on 5 criteria: (a) GPA, (b) List of Extracurricular, Community Volunteerism and Sports Activities (c) an Essay, (d) a Personal Statement, and (e) Letter of Recommendation. 

"The Oregon Friends of NRA State Funding Committee feels very strongly about investing in our youth.” says Dr. Maurizio Valerio, Chairman of the Oregon State Friends of NRA Scholarship Committee – “We are excited to continue to sponsor our Friends of NRA Oregon Scholarship program and we are honored to direct some of the funds raised in our state toward higher education”.

The Friends of NRA Scholarships are funded through a series of fundraiser banquets held throughout the state.  Friends of NRA Scholarships are offered to graduating seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Applicants must currently be enrolled in an accredited or equivalent high school.

There are 2 ways for a student to submit an Friends of NRA Scholarship application in 2022:
• Printed: Applications must be completed, printed, and postmarked no later than Saturday, April 16, 2022 and returned on the address listed in the Application using this PDF Form CLICK HERE.

Note: Scholarship Awards are for the Fall 2022 term. However, Scholarship can be deferred up to 2 years but must be used by Fall 2024 term. Scholarship winners must be residents of the state of Oregon.