Featured Volunteer of the Week for January 4 - 10  

John Hutchison
Manchester Friends of NRA
4 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • - Sold over 300 banquet tickets to bring in $13,500
  • - Sold 12 sponsorships, adding up to $6,000
  • - Raised $10,000 in pre or post-event raffles
  • - Acquired over 15 donations amounting to $1,300
  • - Brought in underwriting for 10 items, amounting to $1,000
  • - Brought in donations for 50 items to bring in $10,000
  • - Estimated 300 hours spent on banquet activities

“The Manchester Friends of NRA has been able to double the net each year since 2013, because of our hardworking committee and great communication. In 2015, we netted over $50,000 for the first time thanks to the committee getting everything underwritten, wonderful support from our donors and implementing great ideas from our Field Rep. Enthusiasm for the Mission, Cooperation and Communication are the formula to raising money for The NRA Foundation Grants!"

-John Hutchison

"Hutch has been with Manchester Friends of NRA for four years; two years as Treasurer and two years as Chairman. Since taking over as Chairman, he has doubled the banquet attendance (over 300 this year), and he has brought in many more donations and underwritings. He visits all gun shops and potential donors and oversees the entire standard package underwritten. He attends almost every NH gun show to sell tickets and is also a recruiter and Stand and Fight Volunteer Coordinator. He works at Bass Pro Shops and has sold tickets at several weekend events held there. He is what every Friends of NRA Committee Chairman should be!

Hutch is well respected and trusted in the community and recruited a motivated committee that is taking their banquet to new heights. They went from 150 attendees and $11,000 net in 2013 to 235 attendees and $25,000 net in 2014 - which was featured in a Traditions article last winter. In 2015, Hutch and his committee netted $50,000 with 375 attendees. When I observe Hutch interact with the committee and with co workers at Bass Pro, I can see that he is respected and trusted. He is frequently given positions of authority at the Club he belongs to and at Bass Pro. I can always count on him to do anything that is asked of him and to create his own banquet program or help out at other banquets.

Hutch serves on the New Hampshire SFC and is the voting member from NH-2. He takes that responsibility seriously and is always the first to arrive and the last to leave the meeting. He set a goal to be the #1 banquet in New Hampshire in attendance and revenue this year and easily achieved that. He reaches out to other clubs and promotes his banquet in the local media. Hutch understands the importance and need of The NRA Foundation and does everything he can to promote the Friends of NRA Program. I have volunteers in three states to consider and Hutch stands out on top. Hutch is Certified NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer for Women on Target, Hunter Education and the NWTF JAKES Program. He has held several office positions at the Goffstown Fish and Game Club."

-Brian Smith, NRA Field Representative


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