National Corporate Sponsor Program

Reprinted from Traditions Quarter 4: 2013:

By Christina Paladeau, Event Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The record-breaking success achieved by Friends of NRA in 2013 would not have been possible without the support of its generous and enthusiastic corporate sponsors. With the help of a new group of industry sponsors, Friends of NRA plans to reach even greater heights in 2014.

“Industry support and corporate sponsors are vital to what we do in fundraising for The NRA Foundation,” shares John da Silva, NRA Field Operations National Manager of Volunteer Fundraising Events and Marketing. “With their continued commitment our program continues to flourish, providing exclusive product to our events nationwide and increasing the funding available to firearms training and education programs through the grant program.”
Friends of NRA is thrilled to have Daniel Defense on board as the new National Corporate Sponsor at the Corporate Sponsor Program’s exclusive Guardian Level. “Building relationships with manufacturers of in-demand products like AR’s allows us to provide the firearms that our volunteers and attendees want,” says da Silva. “We also want to support American manufacturing, and we’ve seen growth in that area. As we’ve worked with our industry supporters, we’ve seen companies increase their American production, and that benefits our program and organization too.”

In 2013 Daniel Defense supplied rifles to Friends of NRA through the Vendor Direct program. Daniel Defense Director of Marketing Jordan Hunter explains why the company decided to increase their support to Friends of NRA in 2014: “Starting early [in 2013] our industry was under heavy attack. NRA does such a great job supporting our industry, so we want to do anything and everything we can to support it. We’re always looking for creative ways to do that, and Friends of NRA has been really great about providing those opportunities.”
Over the past decade and more, Baron Technology, Inc., has been doing engraving and customization on Friends of NRA firearms. It has donated thousands of dollars worth of technical and artistic services and is now the program’s main source for engraving on standard package knives and firearms. The uniqueness and exclusivity added to Friends of NRA merchandise by Baron plays a critical role in creating desirable items for event attendees. “They are an essential part of what we do,” remarks da Silva. In 2014, Baron continues to support the Friends program with donations of its valuable services.

“There has never been a more important time, in the history of this great country, to make serious and meaningful contributions to protecting our rights and freedoms,” emphasizes David Baron, president of Baron Technology, Inc. “Because of my love of those rights and freedoms, I have donated all of the engraving costs of the Gun of the Year to the 2014 Friends of NRA [Standard Merchandise Package].” Baron urges his fellow business owners in the firearms industry to match that donation and do something meaningful to support the work of the NRA and Friends of NRA.

Gaston J. Glock style LP also increased the breadth of its support to the Friends program for 2014. In 2012 and 2013 the German company with a US office in Georgia donated $25,000 and $35,000, respectively, as a Statewide Underwriter of the Gun of the Year and Wall of Guns in that state. “They have also become involved with YHEC, by donating shooting shirts for all the kids that participate in Georgia, and in NRA Airsoft 3 Gun by donating shirts as well,” reveals Georgia Field Representative Brad Ward. “They are a great corporate sponsor that believes in ‘quality organizations,’ and that is why they are supporting The NRA Foundation through the Friends program.”

“We are happy to expand our work with Friends of NRA as a National Corporate Sponsor of the program in 2014,” says CEO of Gaston J. Glock style USA Beate Arnold. She highlights the GastonTM brand and Friends of NRA’s shared interest in preserving the shooting sports lifestyle along with the historic handcrafting of products that support it. “We are not a gun company, but we support the shooting sports and we do a lot to support traditional handcrafts,” She explains.

Companies directly reach millions of firearm and outdoor enthusiasts through their relationships with Friends of NRA, and their contributions of money, services and auction items to the program help it to raise millions of dollars for the future of the shooting sports. Magpul Industries Corporation joins Daniel Defense and Gaston J. Glock style as another new supporter of the national Friends of NRA program in 2014. These partnerships provide invaluable support to both Friends of NRA and the industries that also desire to protect America’s shooting sports traditions and Second Amendment freedoms.

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