Featured Volunteer of the Week for February 6 - February 12

Kenny Ruckel

Lewis County, Kentucky Friends of NRA
3 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • - Sold 250 banquet tickets, raising $7,500
  • - Sold 27 sponsorships totaling $23,900
  • - Raised $29,900 in pre and post-event raffles
  • - Arranged underwriting for 5 items totaling $1,315
  • “Kenny has constantly shown that he is an amazing leader, building a team of over 40 volunteers who are all incredibly dedicated to the cause and making their event one of the top in the state. His dedication is unparalleled and infectious to his team, constantly setting ever higher goals and ensuring they are met.  Kenny is highly innovative and eager to embrace new ideas to further the cause, and is able to get others to embrace change and new ideas. Kenny is always willing to help out other events, whether by sharing ideas and advice, or by attending and helping out.  He has even assisted at least two events in Ohio this year, including one that is brand new and has not even held its first event.

    Kenny represented KYFNRA at a gun show in Ashland and the Ted Nugent concert in Pikeville both major recruiting targets for new committee growth.  He is an ambassador to potential grant recipients as he travels, already resulting in at least three new organizations that obtained funding in 2016. He also has been a major driving force in the establishment of a local gun club and range, which has resulted in an NRA Public Range Grant of over $13,000 to assist with the second phase of construction. Kenny is the committee’s voting delegate to the State Fund Committee, and played a very significant role in the discussion of many of requests that were considered. Despite his relatively recent involvement with Friends of NRA, Kenny was selected to teach a class on the highly successful special event that was piloted in 2015.  This event was repeated in 2016, bringing in additional net revenue of over $6000!

    This year also marks the third year in a row that Kenny has represented the program at the two-day celebration of Independence Day in Lewis County.  Finally, he brought a crew of four of his volunteers to work at the Foundation Banquet during the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, and even helped fill-in a couple of shifts at the Wall of Guns even though he was not originally scheduled to do so.”

    -- John LaRowe, NRA Field Representative


    The 2016 Volunteers of the Year are sponsored by Ripcord Travel Protection