Club Level Committees

Achieving Friends of NRA Club Level Committee (CLC) status means joining a group of committees who take Friends of NRA event fundraising to new heights. To earn the status committees must raise over $25,000 at their single event. That committee is then eligible for a specialty Club Level Committee firearm to use at the next year’s event.

Within the Club Level Committee program, committees achieve one of six levels: High Caliber Club ($25k - $50k), Protector Club ($50k - $100k), Defender Club ($100k - $150k), Guardian Club ($150k - $200k), Legacy Club ($200k - $250k) and Legends Club ($250k+).

Through dedication and hard work, these distinguished Friends of NRA Club Level Committees create a brighter future for their families, for their communities and for the shooting sports. The 2022 Club Level firearms are ready to help Friends of NRA’s top committees take fundraising to an even higher level!
To find out if the event you are attending is hosted by a Club Level Committee, please find your event and check to see what level it is! Call or email the committee contact to confirm that they will have this specialty CLC firearm at their event.