Former MLB baseball player and current television personality of the wildly-popular Buck Commander series, Matt Duff, teams up with world-class shooter and all-American girl, Jessie Duff, for a brand new series unlike any other on the air waves. Traveling coast to coast, Matt and Jessie unveil one of NRA’s best kept secrets— the multi-million dollar, grassroots fundraising movement making up the heart of the shooting world— Friends of NRA.
Every year, thousands of individuals and local businesses take charge of the nation’s shooting future by raising money through the ever-expansive Friends of NRA program, providing millions in grants for youth shooting teams, building shooting ranges, or implementing educational and training firearm programs in their hometowns. But the dynamic duo won’t just be attending Friends of NRA banquets; they’ll uncover every aspect of the shooting world inside and outside of Friends of NRA.
“The show is about Friends of NRA, but it’s also covers everything NRA,” said Kyle Weaver, Managing Director of NRA’s Field Operations Division and an Executive Producer of the new series. “Friends of NRA is really just the vehicle for the show. It exposes people to the rest of the NRA that they’ve never seen and known before and shows them what the real NRA and its program are all about. It is all of the NRA, brought to you by Friends of NRA.”
Whether it be going behind the scenes at leading firearm-related enterprises, showcasing the world’s top-notch shooters and competitions, or introducing America to the unsung heroes who work everyday to keep shooting traditions alive— viewers never know what Matt and Jessie will uncover next about the unseen facets of the shooting sphere.
The first season has already been filmed, and the episode line-up is jam-packed with fun and engaging accounts by Matt and Jessie, including a recent Texas hunt with two of NRA’s Youth Education Summit participants, a friendly-round of competitions by the always-dueling co-hosts at NRA’s Whittington Center, and a surprise appearance by the two at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings.
“I get to travel all over the country, getting to do what I love the most- shooting, hunting, fishing, hanging out with friends and meeting new people— and all in the name of Friends of NRA,” said Jessie. “I love it!”
The ever-smiling and lighthearted Jessie lights up on and off the camera as she talks about Friends of NRA. Exposing America to the Friends of NRA program is not only a passion of hers, but has become a deep-rooted way of life.
“I am truly proud to say that I am an NRA member and a Friend of NRA,” said Jessie. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”
“This is a passion for people,” Matt concurs. “People from all over the country work countless hours just to promote this organization, it is a really awesome thing to be a part of.”
Together, Matt and Jessie are an electric pair; they’re back-and-forth commentary and wily sense of humor lends the show a playful energy that is both entertaining and engaging to watch unfold. The two really epitomize what Friends of NRA is all about— fun and fellowship.
“The idea behind doing this type of show is that hopefully it will get more people interested in finding out about our program and eventually prompt more people to get involved,” said Weaver. “Matt and Jessie are going to give us a great face for the Friends of NRA program.”
Behind the scenes is the award-winning Warm Springs Production Company and Executive Producer Marc Pierce along with a stand-out television crew led by seasoned Director, Producer, and Photographer David Abbott. The quality of both the show’s cutting-edge filming and editing techniques is indicative of the enthralling experience for which the first-rate outdoor and reality television producers are known.
Premiering the first Sunday in January on the Outdoor Channel, 10:30 PM Eastern Time, Friends of NRA is already on its way to being an instantaneous hit. Nowhere else but with Friends of NRA will audiences be able to watch one series covering so many sides of the shooting industry. America will tune in to the most tuned-in show on shooting and finally get a taste of what really keeps our firearm industries and traditions thriving. Watch as Matt and Jessie lead the way and introduce the world to Friends of NRA. There’s more to the NRA than meets the eye, and Friends of NRA TV hits all the marks.
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