I am Friends

Friends of NRA isn't made up of just one type of person. The diversity of where they come from, their hobbies, their occupation?with each person it varies. Every volunteer, every donor, every committee, every business, every state has a reason why they call themselves a Friend of NRA. These are real people with real reasons why they choose to get involved with their local Friends of NRA event.

In a new effort to show the country just who we really are, Friends of NRA is launching a nationwide "I am Friends of NRA" campaign where individuals can submit their stories, pictures, and videos stating why they call themselves a Friend of NRA. Collectively, we are called Friends of NRA, but each person has their own story. Meet our Friends of NRA below and then tell us why you call yourself "Friends of NRA".

Friends of NRA events are all about fun, food, firearms, fundraising, and fellowship. And making up the backbone of Friends of NRA are the thousands of passionate volunteers across the nation. If you're not a volunteer- begin your Friends of NRA story today by getting involved and making a difference.

Send your name, contact information, and location to fnra@nrahq.org to get in touch with the field rep in your area about volunteering.

Tell your story with a picture. Send us a few quality photos of you looking directly at the camera either wearing your Friends of NRA attire, participating in your hobby, or in your work environment. The background of your story tells others just as much as your words. So the more pictures you submit, the better!

Then download the Photo Release Form Here and turn it back in when you submit your story and photos.

In 200 words or MORE, tell us why you call yourself a "Friend of NRA." We want to hear about what drives and motivates you to get involved with the Friends of NRA program and why you tell others they should get involved too. Whether you are a committee member, business, or attendee- we want your story!

Attach your story, photos, and photo release form in an email and then send it to IamFriendsofNRA@nrahq.org!