Corporate Sponsors

In 2009 Friends of NRA formally introduced the opportunity for companies to support the shooting sports while supporting Friends of NRA and The NRA Foundation. Through the Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsor Program, companies are able to directly affect millions of Second Amendment enthusiasts through the widely-popular and successful fundraising program.

Numerous businesses across the nation support Friends of NRA in its everyday efforts to raise money for The NRA Foundation, but this sponsorship program takes the grassroots support to the national scale, allowing companies to broaden their scope and benefit an even larger audience.

That is precisely what companies like Daniel Defense, Friends of NRA's 2017 Guardian Sponsor, accomplish through the Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsorship program. "As a successful company, it's my responsibility to help Friends of NRA in any way I can because the money it raises helps young shooters, helps competitions and promotes gun safety," says Marty Daniel, Founder and CEO of Daniel Defense. "All of these things are for the future of gun ownership which is in turn for the future of the Second Amendment"

Friends of NRA gives companies large and small the opportunity to sign on at the Guardian or Defender sponsorship levels to truly unite their company with the program's efforts to support the shooting sports and preserve America's Second Amendment freedoms.

If your company is interested in becoming a Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsor contact the Corporate Development Team at 703-267-1356.