Featured Volunteer of the Year for Week March 9 - March 15

Mary McIntyre
St Vrain Friends of NRA
8 years of service

Individual Activities

  • Sold 250 tickets for her banquet & 300 for other banquets, totaling in over $20,000
  • Close to $50,000 raised in pre- and post-event raffles
  • Sold 5 individual sponsorships and 10 corporate sponsorships totaling in $30,000
  • 5 donations totaling in $15,000, including several unique hunts and a puppy


"Mary has been involved for 8 years, she came in to help as a secretary and the guys quickly saw her value. After that first year she has been on the committee as CoChair and has been vital in pushing event tickets and pre-event raffle tickets. Mary is the driving force on pre-raffle ticket sales, being able to push an entire raffle on her own. Mary was one of the first women on the committee and also opened the door for more women to join the committee. Let me be clear, its not like women weren’t welcome, they just weren’t there. After Mary joined the group, more women started showing up. Wifes and single women both became regular attendees for meetings and to help on banquet night.

Mary is the editor and designer of the Royal Moose Lodge monthly, this is a publication that goes out to all Moose Lodge members from their home location. Mary is also ½ of the team that keeps Complete Car Care up and running. She processes all incoming work orders and preps these for her husbands team of mechanics so that they can get customers in and out quickly. She also finalizes invoices and gets people out the door quickly and efficiently. On a more Regional level, Mary kept the Flat Irons Friends of NRA afloat, after the first committee fell apart, Mary gathered a new group and we kept the banquet dreams alive. Even after the venue called and cancelled our contract, Mary secured a new venue in minutes due to her relationships. Flat Irons had their banquet and it went great that night. The Chairman and Treasure have decided to move on after their banquet, and Mary has already found new leaders to take over for the 2015 year. This years State Banquet was hosted by St Vrain Friends of NRA, again Mary was the force behind this decision. Mary was my boots on the ground for meetings and keeping the team focused while my wife and I were at the Hospital prepping to be first time parents. Mary has vital in helping with placement of Live/Silent/bucket items for the banquet. She sold 12 of the 17 corporate tables that night and helped to do a last minute pre-raffle so that we could be even more successful than we hoped for. Thanks to her help the State Banquet was huge, we as a group took the #1 spot for highest net dollars this year for a banquet in Colorado. Of course we are followed closely by the #2 spot being held by St Vrain Friends of NRA (Marys Group)."

-NRA Field Representative Brad Dreier