Featured Volunteer of the Week for September 25 - October 1

Harold Bowman
Swatara Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania Friends of NRA
Committee Member
2 years of service

“I first got to know Harold about seven years ago. He was an attendee at that time and he and his wife Kazuko had been raising Weimaraner’s for hunting. Harold approached me and ask about making a donation of a puppy to several of my events. Since that time he has donated at least 5 puppies to different events.

As a new volunteer, Harold has jumped in with both feet selling both tables and raffle tickets for the Swatara Valley event. In two years he has managed to sell about 700 tickets, either for the Swatara Valley committee or for various other committees who needed help. Just recently I ask him to help sell some tickets for another committee and he sold 50 for them in a week! He knows a lot of folks and facilitates conversations to convince them of the importance of NRA and Friends of NRA. Harold comes to each event to assist with set-up and is instrumental in keeping a good record for each table he has sold. In addition to helping out his own committee, he also attends about three other events each year if he is in the area. Harold has attended nine NRA Annual Meetings, including going to Atlanta this year.

Sharing a passion for the Second Amendment, a desire to influence change in his community and an enjoyment of Friends of NRA events, Harold has made a huge impact on me, the other volunteers for Swatara Valley Friends of NRA. He continues to volunteer in many ways, as well as spread the word about all the great things NRA does, all while championing Friends of NRA.”

-- Kory Enck, NRA Field Representative

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