Featured Volunteer of the Week for August 21 - August 27

Dale Emerick
PA's 1st, Pennsylvania Friends of NRA
Committee Member
16 years of service

“Under Dale’s leadership, the Pa’s 1st committee has been lead to great accomplishments. He has kept his committee in the top four in the nations for the entire time he has been Chairman. I feel it needs to be noted that true leadership is a gift and Dale has that gift in abundance. I can talk to Dale about what needs to be done, and it gets done and on a level greater than with any other volunteer in the country.

Dale runs three $50,000 dollar raffles a year (with help from his committee members), He helps with all my membership work and gun shows in the greater Pittsburgh area, and manages one of the NRA booths for that same area. There is not one day Dale doesn’t do NRA work as much as his own work…I don’t know how he does it; he eats, sleeps, and works NRA all day every day!

Dale is also the state fund committee chairman. He has helped in formulating time saving measures that have enabled the committee to work through 200 grants in four hours at the state fund meeting and workshop. He is a lead volunteer recruiter, attends at least four banquets a year, and is looked up to by every volunteer in Western Pennsylvania. In my opinion, anyone who raises $150,000 to $250,000 every year has the right leadership qualities to be the number one volunteer for my area, and for this nation.”

-- Tom Baldrige, NRA Field Representative

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