The Patriot

Friends of NRA proudly introduced a brand new Sponsor package in 2002. Designed to capture the essence of the American spirit, renowned figural sculptor Rick Terry has in every way portrayed the demeanor of the freedom seeking early American countryman in his latest work, "The Patriot."

The first in an exciting five year series, "The Patriot" depicts a well-armed citizen militia protecting the Liberty Tree -- "which thine enemy severed, but was then chased from, allowing the roots of a Republic to re-establish for all times. And whose life will forever need protection and nurturing." "The Patriot" was meticulously crafted with extensive historic research and painstaking attention to detail.

A unique foundry process, combining cold cast methods with pewter components and a hand-applied patina, brings life-giving touches to this sculpture. A rich, warm wood base is then added to give perfect balance in composition. Finally, a serialized brass tag marks the collective value, artist's name and edition number. The profound sense of realism and great attention to detail make this sculpture truly magnificent.

Other exciting sculptures have followed as the Friends of NRA Sponsor program traces the role firearm ownership has played in shaping America. Following "The Patriot" are "The Mountain Man" in 2003 and a "U.S. Marshall" in 2004.