The State Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) program was started in 2002, in conjunction with National Y.E.S.. Its purpose is to introduce high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors to their state government and the roles that future generations of voters will play. The two grade-levels eligible for each state summit will differ program to program, please read your state's application!  A special emphasis is also placed on the benefits of firearms ownership.
States that currently host their own state Y.E.S. programs are North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia and Virginia. Students from these states must attend his or her state Y.E.S. before attending National Y.E.S.
Alaska:  Alaska has recently brought back this great program! Contact Alaska YES coordinator Joey Jigliotti at joeyjigliotti@gmail.com  or Field Representative Greg Stephens at gstephens@nrahq.org for more information.  The summit typically takes place in March or April.
North Carolina:  The 2015 North Carolina summit will be held September 11-13.  Application are due by August 17, 2015.  Click HERE for a 2015 application. Contact Teresa Siebert at siebertt@gcs.k12.nc.us or Doug Merrill at (828) 628-0410 or rmerrill@nrahq.org for more information.   One winner will be chosen to attend the National Summit in the summer of 2016.  Read about the 2012 North Carolina Y.E.S. program: http://www.friendsofnra.org/State.aspx?sid=34&cid=876
Pennsylvania:  The Pennsylvania summit has been postponed until further notice.  If you would like to volunteer and help run the summit,  please contact NRA Field Rep Kory Enck at (717) 689-3200 or kenck@nrahq.org. Click here to download the "About 2014 Pennsylvania Y.E.S. Program" document.  Read a first-hand account of the 2014 Pennsylvania Y.E.S. program: http://www.nrablog.com/post/2014/06/07/Victoria-Lees-first-hand-look-at-Pennsylvanias-Youth-Education-Summit.aspx#continue
Oregon: The 2016 applications are due February 1st, 2016.  Click HERE for the application. Visit the Oregon Y.E.S. webpage or contact Y.E.S. coordinator Katie Jones at (541) 672-0788 or markjonestrucking@msn.com for more information about the summit. 
Texas: The 2015 summit took place last February in Austin.  Brooke Montalbano, Armond Willingham and Hayden Rash were selected to represent Texas at the National Youth Education Summit in July.  Brooke Montalbano was voted "Mrs. YES" by the national 2015 class.  The 2016 State summit will be March 31 - April 3.  Click HERE for the 2016 application.  Please contact Y.E.S. Coordinator Derrik Ard at Texas.YES.NRA@gmail.com for more information about the next Texas Youth Education Summit.    Read about the 2013 Texas State Y.E.S. program: http://www.friendsofnra.org/State.aspx?sid=45&cid=872.
Virginia: The application deadline is June 1st!  One student will be selected to represent the state at the national Y.E.S. program the following summer. Scholarships will also be awarded to three students, based on participation and evaluation.  Click HERE to download the 2016 application. Contact Virginia State YES coordinator Jaye Pearce at (434) 248-6151 or jpandjon@aol.com for more information.  Read about the 2015 Virginia State Y.E.S. program: Here

West Virginia: The Mountain State will be holding this years Youth Education Summit in the Charleston area, February 18-21, 2016.  First place winner will receive a trip to the national Y.E.S. program.  Click HERE to download an application. Applications will be accepted until February 12, 2016! Contact Event Chair Rodney Black at (304)942-6225 or rodneyeblack2@yahoo.com for more information.
What are the goals of State Y.E.S.?
The main goals of this program are to give these students the opportunity to develop an awareness and desire to participate in all levels of government, learn about their state's unique heritage and history, and obtain a better understanding of volunteer organizations and how young citizens can become involved in serving their communities.
What happens at the state summits?
Students spend four days in the state capital visiting with legislative and political leaders, and learning about their state's history by touring museums and historical sites. In addition, students are introduced to various career opportunities, relating directly or indirectly to their interest in firearms, such as law enforcement or military service. Careers in wildlife and conservation are also included within this scope. Students also practice their public speaking and debate skills through carefully designed group exercises.
How is a State Y.E.S. funded?
Funding for the program comes primarily through grants from each state's State Fund Committee. Funding may also be secured through state associations, local businesses and other sponsors or donors. The end result is that students attend Y.E.S. free of charge, though they are required to cover their own transportation costs to and from the program.
Why should you get involved?
The program teaches valuable leadership skills and promotes students to become involved as active citizens in their local community. State Y.E.S. allows more students to participate, thereby creating a larger grassroots base. Instead of reaching just forty students each year at the national level, multiple State Y.E.S. programs throughout the year could potentially reach hundreds or more annually.
How do you get involved?
First, touch base with your NRA field representative and let them know that you are interested in starting a State Y.E.S. in your area. Next, contact NRA Headquarters for an informational press kit, which includes materials to help you get started. You can also download the Volunteer's Guide to Starting a State Youth Education Summit. Follow the instructions in the guide to secure funding and schedule a summit in your state.
Contact info: Call (800) 672-3888 ext. 1342 or email yes@nrahq.org for more information.
As Alaska, North Carolina, Texas, Oregon, Virginia and West Virginia have watched their state Youth Education Summits (Y.E.S.) flourish into creative learning environments for outstanding students in their states, other states have struggled or not even considered starting their own Y.E.S. Why? Various reasons can hinder start-ups— not enough volunteers, funding, or time being the main culprits. I am here to tell you that starting a state Y.E.S. can be done and is worth the time and commitment involved in organizing one!
State volunteer Y.E.S. organizers, along with NRA Field Representatives, can attest to the immense impact a state Y.E.S. has on their students and communities. Not only are they teaching today’s youth about the history and mission of the NRA, but also cultivating communication and leadership skills that students will carry on with them for the rest of their lives. In addition, students are provided the opportunity to develop an awareness and desire to learn about their state’s unique heritage and history, and understand how young citizens can become involved in serving their communities. If you find you are interested in this mission and are willing to implement a Y.E.S. program in your state capital, you are on the path to starting a state Y.E.S. Here’s some bullet points on how to accomplish that goal:
Recruit Volunteers: Although planning a state Y.E.S. program is possible with one person, it will be much more successful with several volunteers who can share the work load.
Secure Funding: First-year state Y.E.S. programs need to have a sponsoring organization.  The national Y.E.S. organizer at NRA Headquarters submits a state Y.E.S. grant to each State Fund Committee (SFC).   Once the SFC approves the grant and is processed through The NRA Foundation, the sponsoring organization will receive the funds and the state Y.E.S. organizers will have access to the money they need to support the program.
Create an Itinerary: State summits last three to four days and include activities such as state capitol tours, museum tours and student speeches and debates.
Select Students: National Y.E.S. can provide you with the application process to get started on selecting a qualified group of 5-10 students.
Now that you see how easy it can be if your state hasn’t started a Y.E.S. program yet, what are you waiting for? Contact Your State NRA Field Representative and get involved today!

Click here to download State Y.E.S. Manual


We are currently accepting applications from qualified high school sophomores and juniors to participate in the National Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) from July 25 - 31, 2016.  Application deadline is February 1, 2016.
If you really loved your time at Y.E.S. and want to come back as an alumni chaperone we'd love to have you!  Or are you looking to give a charitable donation to the Y.E.S. endowment?  This is your destination.
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